How to send anonymous messages using Utopia

Sending an Utopia anonymous messenger with Utopia is making headlines all over the online community today, wherever you go, you will encounter questions shared and displayed on your New Feed. You will be quite curious about this application, and if you are learning then the article below will be the way to send anonymous messages using Utopia anonymous messenger that you can understand most easily.

Recently, on Facebook, there have been a lot of shares from the results of messages to the question of anonymity of friends. You will immediately see the name of this application right their status is Utopia. Utopia is an application that works quite similarly to the one before it will send the account holder back anonymous messages or questions from someone else you may or may not know. But the uniqueness that Utopia brings is that you cannot answer the anonymous questions of others without posting or sharing directly on social networks.

This is a difference that Utopia anonymous messenger brings while apps that function likewise allow direct reply to incoming messages. This is the reason why Utopia is known to many people and its influence is also spreading more and more throughout social networks. To use Utopia, of course users need to create a Utopia account, in the previous article, Taimienphi shared how to create an account Sarahah send an anonymous message, then in this article, we will introduce to readers How to send anonymous messages using Utopia with just simple and easy steps and especially you will not need to sign up for an account.

How does anonymous messaging work?

Usually when you send an SMS message, the message is packed with your send number and the destination number along with the message. These are both to help the validator identify who sent the message but also so the carrier can bill you for it. With anonymous messaging, your sending number is dropped once the payment is activated and then sent to your destination.

Some apps and websites that offer free SMS use their own platforms to send messages. That platform will pass your submission number (if it requires one) to itself for billing purposes but request it stripped before presentation to the destination.

Apps or websites that charge for SMS only ask the service provider to delete the sender number before sending it to its destination. Therefore, the carrier sees the sender to bill but does not present it at the far end for the receiver to see different ways to achieve the same goal.

Private messaging and text calls

Private text calls and texts only for Android but recommended to me as a very safe way to use a smartphone. It can handle SMS, call, photo and file sharing and will automatically cancel the message after a set time. I haven’t used it personally, but a friend uses it all the time for his various businesses and he appreciates it very highly for keeping life safe.


Signaling seems to be powered by Edward Snowden and is a secure communication app. It also has the option to prevent your caller ID while calling or texting which is ideal if you want to send an anonymous text or call someone in secret. As well as anonymity, calls and texts are encrypted, and you can also securely send files and images. I have never used it but certainly you can send anonymous texts from Signal.

There are a few websites that allow you to submit anonymous text. Many people limit the amount of mail you can send in a day but otherwise I can count on it. I tested each one of these with an SMS and all were delivered within two minutes. Since these sites are free of charge, their distribution is not guaranteed, so be careful when using them.


TxtEmNow is a very smooth website that allows you to send an anonymous text to any North American or international phone. Scroll to the bottom of the page, enter a number and a message and tap Continue. You have the opportunity to confirm details and then the text is sent. Delivery took a while, but it arrived and anonymous.