What do you need to know before scheduling an appointment?
What happens in a tutoring session varies, but some aspects are consistent. You and your peer writing tutor will discuss expectations for your assignment, help you establish goals for your session, and go over your paper with you if you have a draft. You will go through a collaborative process that benefits writers of all levels and backgrounds by clarifying ideas, strengthening arguments, and polishing prose.

How do I make an appointment?
Click this link to schedule an appointment or drop by to start a walk-in session. The first time you make an appointment, our online scheduling system will prompt you to set up an account. If you show up early, or your tutor is wrapping up their previous session, we have coffee, tea, and chocolate, as well as comfy chairs.

What to bring to a session:
·  A completed draft if you have one
·  One or two main issues that you want to address during the session
·  Assignment prompts, guidelines, or any requirements from your professor
·  Anything else you think might be helpful: outlines, supplemental reading, class notes, prior assignments, previous drafts, rough drafts, lab results
·  A smile–because one of our tutors is going to make your day a whole lot better!

The Quick Essentials:
Who: You and the tutor
What: A collaborative conversation about your writing assignment
When: Monday-Thursday: 10:00 AM-Midnight & Sunday: 2:00 PM-Midnight
Where: Second floor of the Miller Library, Room 206
Why: All writers need readers
How: Drop by or make an appointment here