Operating under the umbrella of the Colby Writing Department the Farnham Writers’ Center works with Colby students, faculty, and staff on all aspects of writing. We also offer writing support to the Waterville community by supporting KVCC students. Our main goal is to foster a culture of writing at Colby and in the community through peer tutoring, faculty support, and special writing events on good writing practices and guidance on grammar and documentation. 

Statement on Linguistic & Social Justice

The Farnham Writers’ Center has an abiding commitment to the values of social and linguistic justice. We pledge to give students of all backgrounds and identities equal treatment and respect in their interactions with the Writers’ Center staff. We seek to provide a safe space for open dialogues among tutors and writers of differing perspectives through writer-led conversations about their work.

While our approach has always centered upon collaborative learning and critical thinking, the personal, identity-group, and societal damage caused by ongoing racism and other biases — whether gender, linguistic, socioeconomic, ableist, or cultural — now leads us to commit to specific values and practices. We affirm our solidarity with Black Lives Matter and antiracism. We also:

• Acknowledge our nation’s systemic and pervasive racism, which has led to the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others;
• Commit to using our training as tutors to create an environment that welcomes writers across linguistic, racial, gender,
  socioeconomic, and all other identities;
• Reaffirm our role as active, open-minded listeners in the tutoring process;
• Welcome constructive criticism as tutors and as an organization within the structure of the College;
• Renew our efforts to conduct ourselves as peer collaborators with a spirit of good faith and sincere humility;
• Recognize, as student leaders in language and civil discourse, our obligation to pursue self-education about antiracist
  actions, social justice, and linguistic justice;
Pledge to follow the tenets of the Farnham Writers’ Center as laid out in our Tutors’ Pledge of Ethical Engagement.

Resources on linguistic diversity

Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) statements on linguistic justice:
This Ain’t Another Statement! This is a DEMAND for Black Linguistic Justice (Summer 2020)
Students’ Right to Their Own Language (Fall 1974)
Linguistic Justice at Colby (Spring 2021)

Purdue OWL resources on multilingual diversity:
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