A Guide for Writing Fellows

Writing fellows are veteran tutors assigned by the Farnham Writers’ Center to assist faculty members with writing aspects of their courses and to provide specialized and individualized writing support to students in those classes.

Writing fellow responsibilities:
Writing fellows typically discuss writing assignment goals with the professor and meet with students to review their drafts and writing progress. As paid student employees, writing fellows may work up to six hours a week, including one paid reading hour per week. Thus, responsibilities of writing fellows may include:

• Holding office hours to review drafts and discuss writing-related matters;
• Leading in-class review sessions on: grammar, style, citation, documentation, summary, paraphrasing, or other
   writing-  related topics;
• Assisting the professor with in-class peer review workshops;
• Attending labs to work with students on reports and provide feedback;
• Advising students on group writing projects or proposals;
• Supervising brainstorming or pre-writing sessions, in or outside of class;
• In W1 courses, writing fellows can expect to provide more significant support on the writing process and academic
   writing conventions than in other classes.

To provide the best support, writing fellows should: 
Communicate to faculty and students the FWC’s methodology, pedagogy, and that it is an inclusive space used by students of all class levels, backgrounds, and identities; 

• Become familiar with the syllabus, Moodle page, and course website;
• Meet with faculty to discuss syllabus, assignments, writing expectations, and key dates;
• Discuss a writing assignment’s concepts, goals, and objectives with faculty before it is being assigned;
• Announce availability frequently; establish google calendar scheduling system, list hours on Moodle, provide in-class
• Provide regular reports to faculty regarding student’s questions, confusion, and progress (especially after major
   assignments and mid-semester);
• Hold weekly/biweekly office hours.

 A suggested timeline for working with your professor:

Before the first day of class:
    • Review all course materials shared by your professor
    • Meet to discuss the course syllabus, assignments, writing expectations, and key dates

First week of classes:
     • Attend class to meet the students and introduce the services you’ll provide as a writing fellow

After major assignments (peer review, group presentations, writing assignments) and midway through the semester:
    • Report students’ common questions and confusion to the professor
    • Discuss feedback given by the professor

    • Hold weekly/biweekly office hours
    • Communicate with the professor to ensure expectations are being met

Writing fellows are not expected to:
• Work more than six hours a week, including one paid reading hour per week; 
• Carry out grading or formal assessment of student work;
• Complete coursework – including reading that exceeds the allotted one hour per week;
• Meet regularly with every student in the class; 
• Provide any kind of “substitute” instruction in the faculty’s absence.