A Guide for Students

Who are writing fellows?
Writing fellows are veteran tutors assigned by the Farnham Writers’ Center to assist with a course’s writing aspects by providing one-on-one, course-specific support. 

Writing fellows support your class by:
• Holding office hours to review drafts and discuss writing-related matters;
• Answering questions during in-class review sessions, workshops, or labs;
• Providing feedback on group writing projects or proposals;
• Assisting with brainstorming or pre-writing sessions, in or outside of class;
• Leading in-class review sessions on grammar, citation, documentation, and other writing-related topics;
• In W1 courses, writing fellows provide especially useful support on the writing process and academic writing

Ultimately, the writing fellows program aims to:
• Familiarize students with FWC methodology, pedagogy, and use by students of all class levels, backgrounds, and
• Contextualize writing support with specific knowledge of the course; 
• Increase accessibility of writing services to all students;
• Improve visibility of peer collaboration as an extension of the FWC.