Who are we?

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The Colby Videography Guild is a student-run group that seeks to offer an inexpensive intermediate between professional coverage and amateur videography. Our services include basic archival video work for Colby department events, but many of our members have experience in more creative filmmaking. We cover lectures, panels, conferences, performances, and more. Please fill out the event request form on the next page to request our services.

How are we paid?

Students are hired before starting work on the Colby electronic payroll system as “CVG Videography Guild,” which is a Level IV position. Set-up, filming, and editing are billed as full price ($12.50/hr) and processing (importing, rendering, exporting, uploading, etc.) are billed as half-price ($6.25/hr).


A sample price break-down for an hour-long lecture/Q&A:

Set up: 0.5 hours

Filming: 1.25 hours

Editing: 1 hour

Processing: 3 hours

TOTAL: ($12.50 * [0.5 hours + 1.25 hours + 1 hour]) + ($6.25 * 3 hours) = $53.13

Still have questions?
Contact Annika Martell ([email protected])