Julia Arredondo’s ‘QTVC Live!’

Julia Arredondo, Lunder Institute for American Art Resident Fellow, shares two episodes of QTVC Live!, a DIY shopping channel that showcases underrepresented makers. Frustrated with arts institutions for continuously skirting

Notes from the Studio: Lunder Institute Fellow Shares Music Demo

Editor’s Note: Jose Barrionuevo ’16 (Killer Bee) shares an excerpt from astuwiku (it comes together), a piece of music developed during his residency at the Lunder Institute for American Art. “Astuwiku,”

Looking to Lighten Up?

As part of the Colby Museum’s Community Day on July 31st, Lunder Institute for American Art Resident Fellow and self-proclaimed “Experience Broker,” Adriane Herman is orchestrating her 4th Emotional Value Auction

Making Space for Conversation

Entitled Space for Conversation, this series was designed to establish a shared understanding of best practices for public art initiatives and innovative projects and to examine the ways art can instigate meaningful exchange and serve as a catalyst for reshaping public spaces.

Art, Community, and Ethical Urban Development

Students enrolled in the course hosted Theaster in a class discussion, joined him on a tour of Waterville’s South End, attended multiple community meetings arranged around his visit, and traveled to Chicago to visit some of his projects on the South Side. These are some of their responses to that experience.

Tea Time For Docent Emeriti

Sharing Sweets and the Successes of Colby's Docents

Through the Colby Docent Program, what we all really hope is that students make a personal connection with a work of art, that we break down barriers for entering an art museum, and that they enjoyed the experience enough to return with friends or family.

Reflecting on Quilted Conversations

“At first I wondered if I would be a good fit for this project. I am a person from the community who is old enough to be the grandmother of the students involved. But the more I worked with the girls and listened to their conversations, the more I enjoyed myself. I realized we were similar as well as different.”