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Author: John Olson

Aeroponics: A Compliment to Hydroponics and the Food System of Space

Aeroponics, the process of growing plants in an air environment without the use of soil or a medium, has caught the attention of farmers and space voyagers alike. The process, which entails spraying a suspended plant’s dangling roots with nutrient-rich water, takes place within a controlled environment, with little exposure to outside influences. As a result, the environment boosts plant development, growth, health, and flowering. Aeroponics is often coupled with hydroponics, creating a blissful relationship that advances plant yield and turnover rate. In the 21st Century, alternative food systems are constantly being researched; moreover, aeroponics has the potential to eradicate current commercial food procedures, due to its ease of cultivation and quick crop rotation.

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The Future of Food and the Solution to Climate Change: Sustainable Agriculture

As population rates increase and the industrialization of food becomes popularized, it is clear the agricultural sector will prove to be a primary contributor of global climate change. Food culture has become more robotic and monotone, and it is increasingly difficult to find new solutions to the abundance of greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere. Further, world hunger has been a pressing issue throughout the history of humanity, and a change in effective agriculture is needed. To create a universal food system that stresses nutrition and environmental awareness, a global shift to a sustainable food system which utilizes land, water, and other natural factors is needed.  Continue reading