A Colby Community Website for ST297, Fall 2018

Author: Ben Steib

Seeing is Believing

This class has made me think about many things that I hadn’t before. In particular, where the food comes from that I eat at Colby’s dining halls every day. For my first blog post, I wrote about Global vs. Local Food and the differences between buying from an industrial farmer or supplier versus a local one. Colby switched it’s dining services provider to Bon Appétit several years ago, and since then a real effort has been made to buy locally. For my final project, I wanted to make a video that explores who supplies our food.

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Global vs Local Food

With modern logistics and a global supply chain, we can get almost any food from anywhere in the world, in our supermarkets. The supply chain spans from very local to the whole world. For most of us, all the thought we put into it is going to the supermarket and picking items off the shelf. It seems very simple, but behind the curtain it can take a lot to get there.

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