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Women and Science: Men are running out of reason to “shoo” us away from Science. What are we waiting for?

It is a fact that the presence of women in society is gaining momentum. However, in the field of science, the acceleration is so infinitesimal that any change in displacement is hardly noticed. Indeed, the presence of women in science is rather insignificant, which should not be the case since the pro-masculine-science advocates are running out of “scientific” arguments to domesticate women scientists.

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Open the Doors

In all of my science classes, my teachers presented the theories created by old white guys a couple centuries ago as cold, hard facts. Nobody questioned this and I have always assumed that the act of scientific progress is simply discovering self-evident truths of nature. I could not have been farther from the truth.

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Women, Are They Fit For Science?

Chase Holding



Professor Fleming


Women, are they fit for Science?



It is no secret that being a scientist was originally thought to be a mans field of study. While it is clear that women have made significant contributions to science, many people still believe that these past stereotypes have relevance, and that they affect young women’s participation in this field. So the question remains: Are women fit to be scientists? Continue reading

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