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Designing a Baby: the Market and the Concerns

Designer babies are in high demand. The market is expanding in a consumer oriented society. This creates a cause for concern if designer babies and the market surrounding it are ethical. The market for designer babies, a biotechnology, includes preimplantation genetic diagnosis, in vitro fertilisation (IVF), sperm banks, surrogacy, and counseling. Designer babies impact on society is important to analyze because it could change the relationship between people and having babies. Continue reading

Artificial Intelligence Destroying Humanity

Artificial Intelligence Destroying Humanity

Artificial intelligence is a rapidly growing field that can affects all aspects of life from everyday cell phone use to weapons of mass destruction. Through artificial intelligence, artificial beings have the capacity for thought.  Ethical awareness is essential when engineers, programmers, and scientists create objects with artificial intelligence. By using the interdisciplinary aspects of the field of Science, Technology, and Society, creators using artificial intelligence can examine how the artificial beings will impact humans positively and negatively. Should we want machines to think?   Continue reading

Writing Women back into the Code of the Computer Science Field

Research Proposal


Writing Women back into the Code of the Computer Science Field


Critical Question:

How have stereotypes and the marketing of game systems contributed to the decrease of women in computer science?


Thesis Statement:

Stereotypes of gender in computer science and game systems marketing have contributed to the decrease of women in the computer science field, which inhibits women from taking advantage of opportunities and making advancements in computer science.

  Continue reading

The Natural Sciences and Humanities are Cut from the Same Cloth

C.P. Snow proposes in The Two Cultures that there are two distinct disciplines: natural sciences and humanities. Snow conveys that each culture is distinct and the scholars have minimal knowledge basis of the other culture. However, Snow fails to recognize that each culture has similar characteristics such as methodology and creativity and that the collaboration of the two cultures could solve societal issues. The two cultures are not as different as Snow suggests and the social sciences, the third culture, is a clear combination between the two cultures. Scientists, writers, historians, and others need to recognize the similarities and utilize the skills within the other cultures to solve global issues. Continue reading

Writing the Code to Women in STEM^2

Gender plays a crucial role in STEM^2. Aristotle considered women naturally subservient to men with mental differences. Despite this, women fought the idea and have made progress in fields like biology and psychology. In contrast, inequality in science is present in some scientific fields. For example, the first computer was invented over 70 years ago, yet men still dominate the computer science field. This occurs through structural inequality. The fields of science and technology needs to promote women. Continue reading

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