Chase Holding

February 11, 2018

Professor Fleming


Technology: Has it Helped us, or Hurt us?


Human beings are becoming increasingly reliant on technology. Increases in this field have made many aspects of human life simpler and more efficient. They have also created opportunities for millions of people worldwide while advancing important fields of study. Although technology has progressed our society, not all of its effects are beneficial. So, the question stands, where do we draw the line with future growth in this field, and how do we determine if the technological rule is beneficial for humanity? When viewing the positive effects technology has on education and communication it is clear that these advancements are valuable to our present day society, and outweigh the negative effects.


In the field of education, technology has great benefits to society in a variety of ways. The Internet presents a great research tool as students and people have the ability to educate themselves on past and current events. This is crucial for many people in the world who struggle to afford a formal education. Not only do they have the ability to research topics that relate to their potential career path, but also they are able to enroll in courses online. This leads to a greater number of people who are properly educated in society. Another benefit of the Internet is that it allows people to display their ideas on online forums and social media. While this leads to issues in some cases, the ability to interact with other people and compare ideas exercises your right to freedom of speech and can lead to citizens being more open-minded in everyday life. The Internet can be abused in many ways, however if more people view the positive impact it has on the field of education, there will be less dispute on whether or not it is good for society.


Communication has proven beneficial for our society and can be directly credited to advancements in technology. Technology has given the common person the ability to reach out to friends, relatives, or even strangers across the world. One hundred years ago no one could have imagined that someone can simply text his or her friend across the world in a matter of seconds. Simple communication like this allows people of different cultures to interact, which in turn develops society. Another benefit of present day communication is the ability to express nation or even worldwide concern to its people through radios, television, and even social media. While many parts of the world still lack access to many of these resources, companies such as Microsoft have become increasingly focused on making technology cheaper and more accessible. When viewing these ideas, it is clear that communication has been crucial in beneficially developing our society.


Mankind will always question technology, due to its wide range of abilities. Issues arise in all parts of society, however one must view how the benefits compare to the drawbacks to determine its true merit. When specifically viewing education and communication, it is clear that these two examples alone provide enough advantages to prove that technology is crucial for society.