“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.” ~Isaac Asimov, Isaac Asimov’s Book of Science and Nature Quotations, 1988 A quote from a man who knew more about our society today than we do now.

The sad truth to this quote, along with all of the quotes from the quote garden website, is that technology is beating us. It is beating us in knowledge, wisdom, tactics, and any kind of information in general. Whenever we seek a question, instead of referring to a book like most people did in the old days, we open up our phones and go to safari and ask google, the almighty know-it-all. Not too long ago students in school had to read books to find out information and go through archive newspapers to find out events that happened in the past. This was a way that not only took longer but also benefitted the students more than we are benefitted today. By reading the books and other materials, the students were able to actually learn and retain the knowledge. In the present day, we look something up on google, write it down in the space allotted for our homework so that we will get a good grade on it, and we will most likely never think of it again.

Science is the study of many things. The study of how the body works, how we are made, how we function, how we learn. It’s the study of how things around us work, how the plants are alive, how they produce energy, why things are the colors that they are, what things are made of. It’s also one of the creators of technology. Without science, we would not have technology today. However, without technology, would we be better off? We so deeply rely on technology for so many things in our lives that some people have the vital question of can we live without it? We rely on it to wake us up in the morning, to make our coffee, to communicate with our friends and coworkers, to get to our jobs and in most cases, technology is our job.

Most people in today’s society go to science in search of wisdom or knowledge. They google symptoms of their illness and suddenly think that they have stage 4 cancer; they google quotes to put on the backgrounds of their high-tech phones to make their day more positive; they text their parents about their day just to feel like they’re doing something good. It’s too rare today that people go to their family members or elderly people that they know in person to communicate. Real wisdom is taught through experience, but science and technology restrict our experiences because we’re too caught up in showing the world how much fun we are having or taking pictures to remember it later; too busy to remember it in the moment. But the real question is, we could not live with out it. It may be computers and cell phones, but it is also our emergency programs, medical machines keeping many people alive, and experiments looking to find cures for diseases trying to kill us off.