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The Monster Inside All of Us

While we live in the most technologically advanced society in the history of mankind, we tend to neglect the fact that we as people have developed true relationships with technology. While our generation can be labeled as the most technologically savvy and advanced, we are also branded as the age of people who cannot live without it. While it is obvious any generation in the world today cannot survive without things like smartphones and computers, our age group has almost taken it to a disgusting extent. Our generation must realize that our obsession with new creations has made a monster inside all of us which needs to be dealt with. The most difficult part about the fixations with technology is that it has almost become a social norm for us, which makes it that much harder to address. Continue reading

The Devolution of Creation

“Frankenstein” , otherwise ¬†referred to as “The Modern Promethius” was published by Mary Shelley in 1818. This novel, which held the initial concept behind the popular genera of science fiction (Sci-Fi) defines the relationship between creator and creation. In the novel, Dr. Frankenstein creates a monster who wreaks havoc on his life and destroys his family. However, the doctor is partially, if not fully to blame for the evil actions of the monster. Dr. Frankenstein’s go complex causes him to be blind to the ramifications of his creation and look past any ethical issues.¬† Continue reading

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