If it keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger. ~Frank Lloyd Wright

The primary purpose of technology in today’s society is to solve the problems that plague us and find ways to simplify our lives. Seemingly every major industry in the United States economy is focused on enhancing accessibility, simplicity, and efficiency through technology. The rise of the iPhone and its plethora of applications seemed to accelerate this trend in my mind. The phrase “There’s an app for that” was promoted by Apple. It quickly caught on and actually became true. Seemingly overnight, apps for just about everything began popping up. From banking to cooking to travel to gaming, there is literally an app on your mobile phone that can do just about everything. There are now home security systems that allow one to turn locks, shut off lights, and set alarms systems all from an app on one’s phone.

There are some, like Frank Loyd Wright, who argue that this hyper-focus on simplicity through technology will eliminate human creativity and purpose. That this will ultimately drive us down a path of internet dependency and laziness. To a certain extent I agree with this sentiment. Humans are creatures of purpose, we exist to pursue our passions, inspirations and goals. If we as a species get to the point where we are unwilling or incapable of pursing our goals, then I believe that we are in a great deal of trouble. Some will make the case that we are already at this point, that our youth is completely dependent on technology and will become a generation that marks the beginning of the devolution of humankind. I would have to disagree both with this idea and with Frank Loyd Wright.

The world is changing. The internet is entirely responsible and there is no going back. Cryptocurrencies are beginning to catch on and more and more industries and businesses are conducting business electronically. You are now able to sign legal documents over the internet. You can pay your friends instantly via apps like Venmo and Wells Fargo. The way we conduct business and various other lines of work are changing, primarily in white collar industries. The 9-5 work day is almost a thing of the past. In high-paced, demanding white collar industries, you are expected to have your phone on your person at all times, always on call to “put out a fire” or respond to changes in global market prices. One could argue that humans are now challenging their brains at an unprecedented level, we are now constantly bombarded by an insatiable, incessant flow of information. While our generation may think and work differently from those of the past, that is not necessarily a bad thing. Human’s are constantly evolving and the recent advances facilitated by the internet and it’s accessories are allowing us to witness it at an advanced rate, the likes of which we have never before seen. I am excited by the development. While I don’t think internet dependency is necessarily a good thing, I believe it is an inevitable trend that is going to change the course of human nature in a permanent fashion.