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The limits of AI

The film Ex Machina adresses the current subject of artificial intelligence (AI). The film considers a very advanced form of AI in the form of a highly functional AI robot named Ava. Through out the movie it becomes clear that Ava is more capable than her creator, Nathan Bateman, could have anticipated. Ava’s advanced abilities as an artificial being raises concern of the power of AI. However, when thinking about a sequel to the movie questions would arise about the moral capabilities of Ava. Emotions and moral standard are not something that can be manufactured but rather are traits synonymous with human nature.  Continue reading

The Devolution of Creation

“Frankenstein” , otherwise  referred to as “The Modern Promethius” was published by Mary Shelley in 1818. This novel, which held the initial concept behind the popular genera of science fiction (Sci-Fi) defines the relationship between creator and creation. In the novel, Dr. Frankenstein creates a monster who wreaks havoc on his life and destroys his family. However, the doctor is partially, if not fully to blame for the evil actions of the monster. Dr. Frankenstein’s go complex causes him to be blind to the ramifications of his creation and look past any ethical issues.  Continue reading

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