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Brave (Not So New) World

Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World takes a unique approach to the dystopian genre. While many stories within the genre take place in a chaotic world with an oppressive government, Huxley’s is quite the opposite. The society in Brave New World has complete social order and control, which is maintained not by government intervention but by the very structure of society.  Continue reading

The Two Cultures, Then and Now

In The Two Cultures, C. P. Snow discusses the intellectual divide between scientists and literary humanists. Although early in the book, Snow appears to be a neutral party attempting to create understanding and cooperation between the two fields, as he continues he starts to take a bias toward the scientist, arguing that the British elites of the time were more oriented toward the literary humanities, and would be able to solve the world’s problems more effectively through science. Continue reading

Scientific Subjectivity

Many early beliefs about the earth, nature, and the universe that were at the time considered to be scientific fact turned out to be completely untrue. Some of these misconceptions, such as the geocentric model of the universe, are understandable; from earth’s perspective, it certainly looks as if the “heavenly bodies” are revolving around earth. Continue reading

Kranzberg and the Development of Safety Technology

Society’s approach to safety technology and regulations illustrates Melvin Kranzberg’s fourth and sixth laws: that non-technical factors are weighted heavier in technology policy, and that technology is a human activity, respectively. New technology that makes day to day life safer is always being introduced, but the demand for safety technology doesn’t align with the areas where it would do the most good. We prioritize safety in areas that seem threatening or dangerous, regardless of how dangerous they actually are. Human perception of danger plays a larger role in the development of safety technology than actual data and statistics. Continue reading

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