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Brave Current World

Brave New World is the world we live in today. It has been since the scientific revolution and becomes more so with every passing invention, at least from a science standpoint. Test Tube Babies, psychologically altering medications, and birth control are all real in today’s world and staples in Brave New World. The two worlds are not as different as many may see them. The biggest difference lies in the political changes and the social caste system. While the people stuck in the lower tiers are not any dumber or genetically engineered to be held back, they are nearly stuck for life in a lower caste. The scientific and political themes of Brave New World parallel the themes in today’s world with striking similarity.

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Regulating and Governing an Early Interplanetary Civilization

As companies like SpaceX and Blue Origins send people into space, many questions arise regarding governing and regulating private corporations and distant colonies. Private corporations have surpassed national space agencies to the point that the United States relies on companies to get their satellites and materials into space. It is more than likely that SpaceX will plant the first people on Mars around the early 2020’s. How is an Earthbound government supposed to regulate a private corporation regarding what it can and cannot do in space and how does it govern a future interplanetary colony?

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Academic Cultures

CP Snow’s two cultures have been a recurring truth for the majority of history in many ways though he is still correct that there are two cultures today and likely more. Science has advanced to the point that there is little ability for a scientist in one discipline to be able to sound reasonably learned in another discipline. For example, as a computer scientist I could not tell you the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Yet, on a broader scale, there is a camaraderie amongst scientists on the path to get to their level in the respective disciplines. This camaraderie also exists amongst literary intellectuals, and this is what cultivates the modern two cultures.

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Aristotle’s Curse

Before Aristotle, women had a place in science. Afterwards, women are still breaking through the glass ceiling that he put the finishing touches on 2,400 years ago. However, Aristotle did not create the glass ceiling by himself. I argue that as there have been three feminist movements in the last century, to create scientific patriarchy that exists today there were three big movements by men. The first does not have a beginning date, it may have been Greek society in general, but it had Greek women being judged as lesser than Greek men. That was followed by Aristotle’s era to cap women with the glass ceiling for the proceeding 2,000 years. The third movement was the scientific revolution where women were completely left out of academic circles. Each of these movements strengthened and shaped a male dominated scientific society that is being slowly removed today.

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FrankenGoogle, and The Case For Monster-like AI

Frankenstein shows the dangerous birth of a creature that it’s creator does not know how to deal with, nor want to. That rears it’s ugly head as the monster comes to comprehend the world.  This is akin to the creation of Artificial Intelligence. I see Frankenstein as a warning to those first creators. Humanity is pushing the limits of what it can do without looking deeply enough at the consequences or considering the ill effects of playing god.

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Are We In A Revolution Today?

Copernicus, Galileo, Bacon, and Newton, among many, helped overthrow Aristotelian Science and usher in modern science. They were part of the Scientific Revolution. They did not call it the Scientific Revolution at the time as we call their era today, but they were aware that it was a special time in science. Since the advent of the computer, our technology has arguably been revolutionized. That brings about the question of whether or not we are in a revolution today?

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