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Author: George Fitzgerald

A Future of Inequality

At first, it was just an opportunity for parents to select the hair and eye color of their baby. Now, genetically modifying embryos looks to be the way of the future. Genetically modifying embryos to create your designer baby is an expensive and slippery slope though. As people strive for perfection they can become blind to the consequences that may arise in spite of designer babies. Continue reading

Texts Sending Their Own Messages


How different technologies have influenced relationships.   


Critical Questions:

How is the use of technology affecting the relationships in people’s lives and what aspects of the relationships are being affected?

How are different generations being affected?



Today, more than one-third of relationships are credited to have been started online. With technology as abundant in everyday life as it is today, disconnecting has become difficult. Use of items like phones, social media, and online dating sites are leaving a lasting impact on our relationships.

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Generalization Not Specialization

While many of C.P. Snow’s theories shared in The Two Cultures are widely rejected today, it does not mean that all of his work is irrelevant. Similar to being told to not only play one sport, not only read books from one genre, or only eat one food, focusing in one field of learning should not be pushed. Snow shared this belief that centralizing education around one field is influential today. Defiance against specialized education is essential to our learning and our education system. Continue reading

Time to Welcome Women

Lawyers and feminist have attempted to fix the problem, and social scientist have studied it, but women continuously remain outnumbered in the science and technology fields. Since before the Scientific Revolution women have been unfairly turned away from these jobs. Science and technology have been continuously male-dominated, and It is crucial to establish a stronger female presence in both fields.     Continue reading

Where The Line is Drawn

While living in a society in which we are always driving technology forward, there is a looming fear over many who wonder when we may go too far. It is inevitable that there must be a point where the line is drawn, and the introduction of certain technologies may no longer be beneficial. Where this point lies or what technologies it includes are unknown, and how to find them remains a mystery. 

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Technology Leads To Technology

From around 1550-1700 extreme developments and questioning materialized in Europe. Today, this period of time is known as the Scientific Revolution. While many of whom were credited with new discoveries around this time, philosophers began to question what was previously known to be true. As new findings were being made so were new technologies, and not only were these advancements in of themselves, but they also aided introducing future technology. This domino effect created by changes in the way people looked at science and technology lead to major scientific discoveries in history. Continue reading

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