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Author: Ali Rami

C.P Snow: Literary Engineer or Scientific Novelist?

Close your eyes and imagine this: you find yourself at the center of a mid-twentieth century gathering comprised of the social elite. Everyone from renowned chemists and aerospace engineers to the most esteemed of literary critics and admired authors, coming together to celebrate each others company- or so it seems. After saying hello to some old friends and meeting some new acquaintances, you notice a man walking in between the crowds, floating from conversation to conversation, with each of his interactions following a similar sequence of motions. His name is C.P Snow. You’ve heard rumors bubbling about the man, more specifically the nature of his greetings, quaint formality and pleasant chatter followed by the question, “have you heard of the second law of thermodynamics?” Continue reading

A Man’s Playground: The Gender Divide Found in Science

Should companies be required to hire a certain amount of each sex? Is it fair to entice and reward a certain group of people due to their upbringing or background? Is there a relationship between a potential employee’s talent and their presented identity? These are the types of questions that sparked massive controversy when the “Anti-Diversity” Google manifesto was leaked to the public. The ideas in the report illuminated the division between man and woman in the workplace, and according to James Damore, has “weighed the potential of the entire company down.” Continue reading

Mary Shelley: The Quest for Eternal Damnation

Picture this, it’s June of 1816, you and your friends have taken a vacation to observe the world. One thing leads to another, and now you are at a distant mansion with a Lord going on and on about the “earthquake in the sky.” If that wasn’t enough, you also spend the nights sitting around a fire, writing what is now known as one of the most famous horror and sci-fi novels of all time. Continue reading

Man’s Great Fear

In the past there was a clear distinction between man and machine. Man would be responsible for thinking, designing, and implementing ideas while a machine could solve the mundane and menial tasks assigned to it. However, as society continues to advance, the machine that once started as a tool to aide man, is becoming a master of its own.
Continue reading

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