How big data has changed the way we live our everyday lives


Critical Questions:


Who are the people taking in and analyzing this data? And what are they doing with it?


Is the collecting of big data from big industries a breach on our privacy?


How have companies utilized big data from their customers to format the overall production of their products?


Is government surveillance of our data against our privacy rights?

Thesis Statement:

The average american spends about 8 ½ hours of their day looking at their technological devices, because of this there is a plethora of data out in the world that is being used by companies and industries to further enhance our society although the constant surveillance could be breaching our rights to privacy.


Possible Sources:




During my first Jan Plan at Colby I chose to take a class called “Big Data in America”. This topic has really stuck with me throughout my time so far at Colby when analyzing technology and the advancements in it. In my paper I want to dive in and look closer into the data that the major companies are taking in and then leading into invasion of privacy. The Edward Snowden findings really struck my interest and hope to look into more of what he uncovered about data on people and what this data is being used for. In an age where technology is everything it makes this topic of data and the data being kept on people that much more relevant. This topic relates to Science, Technology, and Society because it hits all three of those terms. With science it shows how we have grown as an age of people, how the science of technology leads to our advancements into catering for people by the collection of data, and that goes along with also knowing everything there is to know about each and every human through their data. With technology it is evident, we are constantly using technology which allows for data to be created whether it is your Facebook searches on your phone or what you bought on Amazon the other day on your computer. Society I believe is the most crucial because this is affecting our human race whether the majority of people realize it or not. The way we live our everyday lives, the way society is flowing is now interrupted by each and everyone’s data, although that interruption may not come as so to many people. The two main points of my paper are privacy and company data research, and I hope to analyze a few of the major companies utilizing this closely. Then I would like to look into privacy and how what the government is doing, mainly alluding to the wrong doings exposed by Edward Snowden. I would also like to touch on our rights as people and more specifically our right to privacy.  I would like to especially look into the rules and rights of our government as well as mainly talk about the 4th amendment and how it is being stretched out when it comes to the personal data as American citizens.