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Women in STEM

I firmly believe that the gender gap between males and females in STEM-related disciplines is mainly caused by societal upbringing, not by biological differences. At the same time however, I think that our world today is coming around to make math, engineering, and science more accesible and welcoming to females through programs and initiatives, much more than even just ten years ago.

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The Perpetuation of the Gender Gap in STEM Fields

Within the last few decades, there has been an enormous push to increase the number of women in STEM fields. This is largely a result of the rise of today’s digital age where technological and scientific industries have started to dominate the labor market, thereby exponentially increasing the number of STEM-related jobs available. Despite these countless opportunities, why do men continue to dominate fields such as medicine and computer science?

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The Two Cultures

If I were to give a lecture on the problems within education, I would elaborate on the following remarks:

Problems within our society arise when one is unable to accept the cultural differences of another, and these prejudices become instilled in us at a very young age. However, this issue may be mended if the American education system makes some changes.

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