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Darwin’s Long Lasting Impact

Darwin’s impact shows the impact that science can have on the way that people think. As we look back on history, we look to certain notable thinkers who revolutionized the time period they were living in. Martin Luther inspired the Reformation. Galileo and others brought on the scientific revolution. John Locke contributed to the Enlightenment. All of these people helped to change the way people in their field thought about the subject. Darwin’s theory of evolution, however, sparked a change in all of society. His studies of biology helped to explain the world around us like never before. Continue reading

Science and Religion

Doctor Frankenstein had a vision to do something that was deemed impossible, bring his wife back from the dead. Of course what he created was not someone who he would have Sunday brunch with, rather, he created the world’s most hideous creature, Frankenstein! This is not the first time that a piece of literature has told a tale of resurrecting someone–or something from the dead. We have read about Jesus bringing back Lazarus in the Bible, and of course Jesus himself coming back to life. Although the Bible and Frankenstein are ultimately achieving the same goal–bringing someone back, the way they go about it is entirely different. One is through the use of science while the other is simply an “act of a God” or a miracle with no scientific reasoning or proof to back it up. This deviation of methods backpacks of off our last blog topic where we talked about the separation of the Church and science. The Bible may be a sacred book with stories that teach great morals, but ultimately most of these passages were just¬†stories–not fact. Of course Frankenstein is fictional as well, but it is important that the process of resurrecting is based off of scientific discoveries and not faith. Continue reading

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