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Shelley’s warnings in Frankenstein

Novelist Mary Shelley wrote her Frankenstein, which soon came to be one of the most well known 19th century Gothic stories of all time. She conveys various messages through her writing, including ones that can be relevant to contemporary society. One would think that the reader would have to look through a new historicist lens, that is, attempt to understand the book intellectually through its cultural context, as well as a timely one. We can try to interpret this novel through the perspective of life in the early 19th century, however perhaps she had a premonition for the future in regards to the development of science, technology, and human conditions. I believe that we should treat Shelley’s novel as a cautionary tale. It should prompt us to ask ourselves if our science and technology today is or is on track to cross lines to the point of human anguish and demise.

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In Mary Shelley’s book Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein uses his knowledge of technology and science to attempt the unthinkable by creating life. By attempting to create life he is not only attempting the impossible, but is also creating danger. In successfully creating his monster, Victor Frankenstein realized that not all science and technology is beneficial.  Continue reading

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