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How Governmental Ideologies Shape Scientific Culture

The relationship between science and its place in governmental institutions is a topic that is often overlooked, but an important one to consider when assessing scientific progress within countries. The government plays a fundamental and crucial role in scientific developments, as the majority of funding for scientific research, multi-million dollar science facilities and all other laboratory equipment comes directly from the government. Governmental values, whether they follow a democratic ideology, communist ideology etc, are ultimately what control how science operates within an institution. But is there one governmental system or ideology that is more favorable with regards to the progress of science?

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Governing Science

The governing of science is a delicate topic as many of its subjects require a high intellectual understanding of the intricacies of each individual subject that fall under the large umbrella of science.  However, there needs to be a bridge built between those who can fully understand certain sectors of science and those whose lives science is affecting, general society.

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Science: Open to the General Public?

When speaking in terms of how to “best” govern society, I think we should think holistically about what is in the best interest of democracy as a whole. This translates to a combination scientists, policy-makers, and country citizens alike  to integrate the facilitation of a democratic country that avoids authoritarian tendencies. As of now, science and technology is mandated by the government, but I believe that all policy-makers should be exhaustively informed of the science they have control of, and be made aware of the possible implications of utilizing such technologies. Otherwise, ignorance exists and with inexperience, comes error and problems.

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