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Darwin & The Power of Observation

Charles Darwin is known to be one of the most influential people in science for his contributions to evolutionary biology and the theory of evolution. However, insight into his life led me to discover that scientists preceding him had already begun to coin the basis for his theory. So why is Darwin’s contribution much more prominent than the others?

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Darwin today was not the Darwin yesterday

There is no doubt that the idea of Darwinian Evolution revolutionized modern scientific thinking, with his extensive experience studying wildlife in the Galapagos Islands, and his subsequent conclusions on natural selection and descent with modification. When we think of evolution, we think of the scientist who brought this concept to light in the 19th century, Charles Darwin.

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Darwinism’s Effect on Society

The development of Darwinism changed the general thinking of the world, while unlocking the truth behind both Earth and life. Beforehand the western world had a general consensus that God was the creator of life and that we were made in his image. The idea that humans are actually descendants of apes was greatly criticized at first, but the discovery of evolution in both humans and other organisms has been proven. Continue reading

How Deviation Drives Science

The word “science” is often associated with long, white lab coats, test tubes and beakers filled with bubbling chemicals and textbooks infused with never-ending formulas. However, science is not always driven by clear-cut formulas and perfectly designed experiments. Instead, the essence of science is its ability to defy these traditional paradigms and rigid methodical approaches.

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