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Climate Change and the Two Cultures

C.P. Snow’s identified philosophical divide between scientists and what he terms “literary humanists” has been the basis for many methods of education. The attempts to bridge the gap have included new ways of teaching, a “third culture,” and even Snow himself. Recently, a new potential bridge between the cultures has surfaced: a common goal. There is no question that climate change has effects that apply to everyone inhabiting Earth. Science has shown for decades that humans will suffer dire consequences if we do not implement sustainable practices and decrease our overall carbon footprint. Now, the question is not whether climate change exists, but how to combat the effects of a rising global temperature. So, how does climate change bridge the gap between cultures in terms of mutual collaboration? In what ways do scientists tend to approach the problem, and does that differ from their humanist counterparts? At the surface, the simplest and most logical answer would be that scientists and engineers utilize their backgrounds and respective fields to develop sustainable technologies. On the other hand, literary humanists may exercise their positions and educations to write policy, produce news, and educate the masses. Their writing craft makes it easy to relate scientific data to the general public and inspire change through persuasive pieces. While these approaches differ fundamentally, overlap between the two occurs surprisingly often, which reflects the necessary collaboration between the two cultures in facing the problem of climate change. Continue reading

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