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Research Proposal

Topic: Digital Technology’s impact on personal well-being

Critical Question: Will the advancement of digital technology and a continual expanding virtual environment create a reduction in personal well-being?

Thesis: The advancement of digital technology can dangerously harm the personal well-being of humans going forward if there is not a focus on creating solutions to problems that will arise.

For my research project, I want to look at the effects digital technology has on personal well-being and what this means for the future. This paper will start by examining the possible effects digital technology can have on human’s well-being. In today’s world society is constantly learning about the negative side effects technology can have on a person’s mental and physical health. As digital technology advances, society has become more effectuated with digital technology. For example, Social Media increasingly is a part of more and more people’s lives. The constant attention toward social media creates people to live in a more virtual world. More and more friendships are focused online, and people miss out on human interaction. A key aspect of a person’s mental health is social interaction. In a world where social interaction is constantly being diminished, the negative effects of digital technology are very apparent. On top of a social interaction, there are problems with addiction, security, and duress that can impact a person’s well-being. In this paper, I hope to look at the dangers these issues will have on the mental and physical health of people. Once the issues are established, I will then explore potential remedies as digital technology advances into the future.

General Outline

Introduction- My introduction will lay out the background knowledge of digital technology and the basis of my paper. My thoughts will lay out the main talking points and capture an effort to develop my thesis on how digital technology can harm the personal well-being of people.

Body Paragraph One- This paragraph will build on my thesis and look at how digital technology affects social interaction in a negative way. Once the negative effects are established I will tie the paragraph together by showing how negative social interaction can affect a person’s health and well-being.

Body Paragraph Two- The second body paragraph will further look into the negative impacts of digital technology but look at this in terms of addiction. Addiction to social media and other forms of digital technology greatly increase a reliance on a virtual world. As a person becomes more addicted to digital technology, there is a correlation to a diminishing well-being.

Body Paragraph Three- This paragraph will look at the security effects of digital technology. In terms of job security and the ability to get hacked for important information, digital technology advancement can be detrimental to a person’s security on many levels.

Body Paragraphs 4-6: These paragraphs will explore possible solutions to the issues that are prevalent with digital security . Over time the problems that digital technology create must be addressed. I will attempt to search for logical steps to help preserve the well-being of humans in a way that can coexist with technological advancement.

Conclusion- Create a closing paragraph that ties together my thoughts and understanding of how digital technology negatively impacts a person’s health on many levels.


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Research Proposal


An area of intrigue for me is the line between life and technology. I am curious, as society advances technologically, in what ways have humans started to blur this line today. Questions that I have asked myself are what advancements made today that have life-like behaviors? What technologies are changing what we thought was natural? What foreseeable developments in the future will bridge this gap? Is this an area we need to be careful with, and what precautions do we need to take? Continue reading

Research Proposal

Research Propsal: I would like to understand more about the history and evolution behind technology and science used in the medical field primarily in hospitals. I would like to research how the technological advances in machines and medicines have improved or increased the value or care and help that the hospitals provide. How has U.S hospitals evolved in comparison to other 3rd world countries? What is the impact of the advancements in science and technology within a hospital? What could future advancements look like? Continue reading

Research Proposal

For my research project, I would like to investigate virtual assistance as an interdisciplinary field of study . More specifically, I would like to examine how such technologies in every day gadgets affect society today, and what course they will lead in the future. I would like to answer the questions, “how did virtual assistance technologies emerge?” and “how do they affect our lives today?” and “how will the presence of virtual assistance technologies shape the future for society?”

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Artificial Life

Topic: Artificial Intelligence and its role and influence on human society.

Question: What impact has artificial intelligence (AI) had on the development of society, and what impact will it continue to have in the years to come?

Thesis: Through artificial intelligence’s integration and success in the human world, technology’s scientific progression has and will continue to make a significant contribution on mankind and will further establish itself as a means of human recreation through machinery.

For my research project, I am interested in exploring the significant impacts that artificial intelligence has made on humanity, as well as possible future integrations that artificial intelligence will continue to contribute to our scientific world. For example, I think it will be commonplace in society for artificially made automaton to walk amongst natural human beings as one, similar to the existence of Olympia in The Sandman. I plan on looking at The Sandman, by E.T.A. Hoffmann, a novel about an automaton woman named Olympia who is so realistic and appears so similar to natural life that she has the capability of making a real man fall in love with her. I will also look at Christopher Langton’s article, Artificial Life, and it’s reflection on the creation of life as it could be rather than life as we know it. This article explores the future possibilities that artificial life may have on science, technology, and society. I also have Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, to look at for another novel that illustrates the power (in this case: destructive power) of unnatural creation of life.

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The Impact of Advancing Technology in Business

Over the past three summers I have interned at a small home care company based out of North Andover, MA. In my time there I have held various roles which all involve some type of technological aptitude. When I started, we used a database and scheduling system that one of our Software Developer’s had made. It worked, but was not efficient and couldn’t do things such as export reports to excel, communicate with other companies website, and often glitched out. Following the conclusion of my second summer with Associated Home Care (AHC), they were bought out by a publicly owned company, a front runner in home health care throughout the United States, Amedisys. Following this merge, AHC began to transition from small to big business. With new members of management, AHC began to monopolize home health care in MA as they have bought smaller home care companies throughout the state. Continue reading

Research Proposal Outline

Theme: The pursuit of knowledge comes at heavy price

Question: The overwhelming cost necessary to develop and pursue scientific knowledge begs the question: Are major corporations of science, such as NASA, beneficial to society and henceforth, worth the money we are putting into it?

Thesis: Government spending on NASA has increased annually for nearly a decade now, and although critics claim our tax dollars are better off elsewhere, NASA has had an immensely positive impact on our economy and society when compared to other governmental entities, and does not spend nearly as much.

For my research project, I am going to evaluate the cost/benefit analysis of a large science corporation like NASA. So much money is thrown into programs like NASA. Year after year, the bill increases, but magnificent scientific discoveries was uncovered. So my question: Is it worth it? Are our tax dollars better off elsewhere in the economy or is the space economy created and sustained by NASA sufficient enough to continue with the way things are. NASA is at the forefront of any STS topic for obvious reasons: they develop science and technology daily and those findings usually have significant impacts on society as a whole.

Paragraph 1: Introduction; Pursuit of scientific knowledge, why do we do it in the first place? and how does it defines our culture that we live? Lay the foundation of the argument. In this paragraph, I will introduce both sides of the argument and explore, on the surface, scientific knowledge and how it relates to our culture.

Science has been known to be a relatively expensive field of work since the early development of technology and experiments in the 17th century. It is not particularly hard to understand the value of science. ‘Scientific knowledge often contributes to what defines the very culture we have. Society is reliant on the fundamental ideals of scientific knowledge on a consistent basis. Scientific knowledge is apart of culture, but deserves to be recognized with significance considering its’ influence on our daily lifestyles.’ The argument is no stronger than it is today: cultures are fully defined and limited to the capabilities of their scientific knowledge and discoveries.’

Paragraph 2: history of NASA in terms of pursuing knowledge; goals of NASA as presented by them

Introduce the main argument of NASA. Explain why it is being used as the main example.

The proposed budget for the fiscal year of 2019 is just shy of $20 billion for the National Aeronautics and Space administration. They plan on receiving around $400 billion from private entities and supplemental funds. In their proposal, NASA lists their goals very specifically: Enabling U.S. Global Leadership: Our scientific, technological, aeronautics and space exploration efforts are uniquely visible expressions of American leadership, Extending Human Presence Deeper into Space Starting with the Moon for Long-term Exploration and Utilization, Expanding Human Knowledge Through New Scientific Discoveries, Addressing National Challenges that Catalyze Economic Growth, Improving Capabilities and Operations.

Paragraph 3: History of NASA budget; Is this ‘excessive spending’ a problem? Not when compared to other government expenditures.

Compare NASA to other government organizations

NASA is continually criticized for the amount of money they receive and spend on an annual basis. To the untrained eye, $20 billion seems like an overwhelming amount of money that will do nothing but continue to put our nation in debt. However, when you zoom out and look at the bigger picture, you would see that, “For all it does, NASA receives just 0.4 percent of the $4.407 trillion FY 2019 federal budget. Compare that to the Department of Defense. Its budget is $597 billion, or 13 percent of the total. DoD’s budget would pay for 30 NASA departments” (Balance).

Here is how it is broken down:

NASA receives less than any of these other six departments.

  • Health and Human Services – $69.5 billion.
  • Veterans Administration – $83.1 billion.
  • Education – $59.9 billion.
  • Homeland Security – $46.0 billion
  • Housing and Urban Development – $29.2 billion.
  • State Department – $28.3 billion.

Paragraph 4: Benefits of NASA spending; actual physical but also mental (common knowledge) benefits relate back to pursuit of knowledge; just because it has become more expensive, doesn’t mean we need to stop; refer to class text of character pursuing scientific knowledge

Why is it worth it? What physically has NASA given us? What knowledge have they given us?

“A report by the Space Foundation estimated that activities related to space contributed $180 billion to the economy in 2005. More than 60 percent of this came from commercial goods and services created by companies related to space technology. The space economy includes commercial space products and services. It also includes commercial infrastructure and support industries. It also counts aerospace budgets in private companies.” (Balance).

Paragraph 5: Conclusion

How can NASA make better use of their money and expenditures? What can the government do? Why do we even need NASA? What would happen without NASA…

‘Scientific knowledge has a special status in our culture. Whether we recognize it or not, our societies can only go as far as our scientific knowledge allows us too. So long as scientific knowledge continues to grow, our cultures and societies will follow suit and be able to advance simultaneously.’





Does the Internet Lead to a Decline in Religion?

The topic I chose was to examine the affects technology has had on religion since the rise of the internet. I believe that since the internet has been introduced to the public that those who practice religion is on the decrease. I think that I will find a decrease in regularly practicing individuals due to the increase of technology in our every day lives. More and more people are on the internet and are learning new information from it every day. From the internet people learn many new ideas and through these ideas it can lead them to stop practicing religion. I think people are learning about ideologies that directly oppose those given by religions. My question is, since the rise of the internet has there been a steady decline in people regularly practicing religion?

Continue reading

Research Proposal

I plan to research genetically modified foods and the effects that this scientific advancement has on society. A genetically modified organism is the result of a laboratory process where genes from the DNA of one species are extracted and artificially forced into the genes of an unrelated plant or animal. The foreign genes may come from bacteria, viruses, insects, animals or even humans. GMOs are directly connected to science, technology, and society because science and technology in this case are being used to change a commodity that society requires.In recent years, the prevalence of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, has been on the rise. They can be used to increase crop outputs and allow for more people to be fed. This is important when a large portion of the world lacks access to an adequate food supply. However, there have been many questions about the safety of GMOs and their production. There are concerns about health risks when it comes to human consumption about with the actual production of the food. My research question is to determine if we should invest in GMOs by weighting the risks of the production of GMO products and the benefit they may have on society.  Continue reading

Project Proposal


For my final project I will discuss overpopulation, as it effects science, technology and society. Overpopulation occurs for many reasons, but extremely effects societies. It is very hard to live in an overpopulated society, such as certain regions in India and China. In locations like these people are effected by poverty and overpopulation increases this. The more children people have the harder it is to support a family and the average number of children per couple is much higher among poor people than wealthy or even middle class families. These poor families don’t have a way to support themselves because there are too many mouths to feed with such a small amount of food and money. Overpopulation effects the way the scientific and technological landscapes are formed because new science and technologies must be found to help support all the extra people on our planet as, well as finding ways to cheaply reduce birth rates. The reason overpopulation is starting to take effect on our planet is due to an increasing average life expectancy. People are beginning to live for much longer periods of time due to modern medicine and that includes a much decreased infant mortality rate. These two factors combined have lead to rapid increases in the population, causing overpopulation in many cities across the world. Overpopulation is clearly a very important problem that we need to find a way to deal with humanely because there is a limited amount of space and resources on our planet that can’t support the amount of people living here. My research question on overpopulation is “How has overpopulation affected our society and what are scientific and technological innovations that can help solve this problem?”

Essay format:

Paragraph 1:

Introduction to the topic. Vaguely explain overpopulation and how it effects our society. Vaguely explain how we are trying to fix this issue and ways that we attempted, but failed to solve the problem. Kind of use/write something similar to the first paragraph of the project proposal. Introduce my research question as my thesis and potentially build upon it a little bit

Paragraph 2:

Discuss how overpopulation has effected science tech and society in depth using sources. Write about the factors that helped cause overpopulation, bringing us to the point where we need to make a change. Focus on how overpopulation is forcing us to find new ways to solve this problem maybe think ahead to the future as to what would happen if we do nothing.

Paragraph 3:

Discuss what we are currently doing and have done to help fix the problem of overpopulation. Determine whether each policy move or innovation was helpful or harmful in attempting to control the population.

Paragraph 4:

Discuss what we can or will do in the future to fix overpopulation. Look to the future and challenge the reader to also come up with thoughts about how to solve the problem of overpopulation.

Paragraph 5:

Conclusion. restate research question / thesis. Discuss how it is an intricate issue that requires a lot of time and thought to be put into it because it is effecting the way everyone lives there lives and at the rate the population continues to increase living on earth will be impossible for many people because we don’t have enough land or resources.

world health organization

new yorker/ny times

wall street journal

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Overpopulation: The Causes, Effects and Potential Solutions

Overpopulation: Causes, Effects and Solutions

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