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Dependence on Technological Advancements

Technology can be described as the advancement of computers, smartphones, or any type of high level machinery. Many people in today’s world could not imagine life without modern day technology. Yet, with that said, technology can be viewed in an entirely different light. Technology is not a necessity in life; technology is used to alter the future by breaking new barriers and inventing tools that enable people to do things they never thought possible before. In David Nye’s, “Can We Define Technology?”, technology is viewed as a simple means to an end. In other words, Nye states that, “The central purpose of technologies has not been to provide necessities, such as food and shelter, for humans had achieved these goals very early in their existence. Rather, technologies have been used for social evolution” (1). As humans, we are all capable of achieving a satisfactory lifestyle, yet we recognize the capabilities of technology, but this admiration can only go so far.

I believe that technology can be defined as the leading component in social evolution and social change. No one was aware the the discovery of a the hammer would lead to the development of using nails to build. This then led to the invention of the nail gun, which in turn made it possible to construct homes in five times the amount of time it would take if you had a hammer. Technology is the forefront of social evolution. We as humans evolve with the likes of technology; we adapt to the new technological advances only to have to adapt to new ones the next day. Technology is an ever changing field that is at the peak of its’ production in the 21st century.

It is my conclusion that technology does not evolve through society, society evolves through advancements in technology. As a society, we sit around being lead and influenced by our current technology only to be satisfied with the newest and latest advancement into the future. The process is everlasting, yet I am afraid most people unaware of the control and limitations technology has placed on our lives. Our respect and dependency on technology has become far too great as it has become the pacemaker for many people in their lives, and unfortunately, I do not see that changing any time soon.

STS of the Past, Present, & Future

Science and technology are, and will continue to be, an ever changing field of study that define the very principles we construct our daily lives on. It is possible to wake up in the morning, brush your teeth, and clean your mouth with toothpaste because of the chemical combinations and experiments conducted in science. Furthermore, we can get up in the middle of the night, and not have to wother about making it to the bathroom because technology enables us to turn lights on and off. It is possible that we are constricted to the limitations that science and technology place on our lives. Something is always thought to be impossible until a new scientific theory or technological invention is created that says otherwise. Going to the moon was never thought to be possible until science and technology combined to refute that statement. Henceforth, the importance of science and technology can be recognized in your daily actions and, the potential of science has far too many benefits than it does problems.

Everything we do as a society is built upon and carried out by advances made scientifically or technologically. Miguel de Unamuno once said that “Science is a cemetery of dead ideas”; I found this quote to be extremely captivating. What Miguel is saying is that science is an ever lasting element of society that grows the same way in which he do. Scientific theories exists for years, and people live their life based upon these ideals, until one day, someone discovers a new theory. Scientific ideas come and go; it is a study where we fail so many times trying to create or discover something new. Ideas come and go, and die in the field of science everyday, yet there is nothing abnormal about that. Science is so amazing because although problems exist and new theories are nearly impossible to uncover, the potential behind what is yet to be discovered can have an impact on people’s lives in a far greater light than anything else. Science may prove to be a graveyard for many theories or potential inventions, yet the ones that survive and carry on shape the daily lifestyle of the millions of people that inhabit this world.

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