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Understanding S, T, and S

Today, when we hear the word “technology,” most people immediately picture high-tech gadgets, smartphones, or anything that involves electricity. However, “technology” encompasses much more than that; it’s an umbrella term used to describe anything that allows us to perform a task. But one question still remains: should we change that definition to fit modern standards?

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The Dark Side of Technology

Today, we live in a world where a few clicks of a mouse can deliver endless opportunities, opportunities that are constantly expanding and multiplying. Our reliance on technology has thrusted society into a point of no return, and it’s so imbedded into our daily lives that we would most likely suffer collectively if it were suddenly stripped away. Looking back on our world’s history, there was once a time where humans lived without Facetime, Uber, Amazon, or, dare say, Netflix. But are we better off now? Do we live in a world where we’re too reliant on technology? With incredible medical advances and technological time-savers, it’s easy to say that we are indeed better off. But considering each aspect of the impacts of technology, even the negative ones, is what helps us move forward in the right direction.

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