Science has the potential to be governed by experts because the drive and interests of the experts running studies governs what is studied. However, this drive is also linked to funding and money because without funds studies and research cannot take place. Thus, thinking of science in the context of government is necessary because a lot of science is funded by the government or by major organizations. The government will fund research on studies on topics that the government is interested in. For example, getting a man on the moon in the race to the moon against Russia. This research was governed by the politics between the United States and Russia. As a result, it is inevitable that science is ruled by who has money which means science is run by military, government and corporate interests.

Science for the People seeks to tackle the militarization of scientific research, the corporate control of research agendas, the political implications of sociobiology and other scientific theories, the environmental consequences of energy policy, inequalities in health care, and many other issues. I agree with Science for the People because it is dangerous to have science completely ruled by the government and major corporations. Science informs policy and major changes so it is dangerous to have the power of science controlled by “the big guys”. There are many fundamental issues in these organizations such as systemic racism, sexism and classism and it is inevitable that these ideologies will guide where funding for science is placed and thus the direction of science. Therefore I agree with the push to separate science from major organizations and the government to give more power to the people to decide what is being studied.