For centuries, science has been the outlets for explaining why the universe works the way it does. From even the smallest of natural occurrences, to the immense ways of the entire universe, science has been able to explain why everything happens that way it does. All ideas come from different scientists all across time that have been building on each others theories to make a more accurate and stable hypothesis. This community of scientists work together to find the truths of the universe. The combination of all these ideas create a metaphorical democracy in which everyone is able to be heard and valued. Although some of these scientists may be more known than others, they were all able to come up with theories that were proven to be true or otherwise. The democracy of scientists all across the world have been working together since the beginning of modern science to develop and maintain the ideals of what science really is and how it effects life around the world. From the studies of geology to that of molecular biology and nuclear physics, scientists have been working as a single entity to improve and take their work to the next level. Despite the desire for credit and fame for discoveries, the main pursuit is to find the true meanings in the natural world. The driving force of science is just to gain knowledge about the universe.