In many societies science has been governed by the experts. Science, in some cases, is dominated by only those who have been educated for years in their select field. There arises some issues if the only people in science are those who are experts. Firstly, you gain a very similar perspective if all of the people in science are experts. In most cases these people have similar backgrounds and similar views on what they are trying to achieve. If you allow people who are not experts and who have not been molded by society in the same way these experts have, then you gain a unique perspective. This unique perspective allows science to expand even more. With Science available to the masses, this allows science to reached its peak. If science is kept in the hands of a select few then it will never truly reach the potential. With this openness the bounds in which science can expand grow exponentially.

If Science is kept to the experts they will make a considerable push to expand the boundaries of science. They will make strides in which ever direction they choose and they will be fairly successful. However, this is one direction and if it is not that same direction as others it will be a similar one. As a society, we need to open up science to everyone to be able to reach potentials in which ever direction people choose. Therefore I agree with the general direction in making science useful and accessible for everyday peoples’ concerns. This allows for all citizen’s concerns to be met and not just the experts. The experts and normal citizens have very different concerns and in many cases they do not overlap. If science is just kept in the hands of these experts, then the problems normal citizens face will be disregarded.