Science and the successful pursuit of science require a great deal of area expertise and knowledge. I believe that not just any average citizen is able to study, for example, the fundamental laws of physics or examine the orbit of planets. It takes years of dedication, schooling, and commitment to learning each and every detail of these scientific phenomenon for a scientist to achieve the full and effective pursuit of the sought-after knowledge. For this reason, I believe that science should be governed by experts due to its high demand for intellectual capacity. Because of the very nature of science and scientific knowledge, it takes a highly advanced scholar to achieve advancements in the field, and continue the progression of society in the right direction.

However, this is not to say that science should not be useful and accessible for everyday people’s concerns. While I do believe that the literal practice of science and the hands-on pursuit of scientific knowledge should be studied by those individuals with capable intellects, I agree that those scientists findings should be accessible to the rest of the population. If only those advanced scholars are able to understand and interpret their findings, then society would face hardship as the majority of the population (those not of high intellect) would be entirely unaware of what is going on around them. This would lead to a general lack of world understanding and stresses the importance of making scientific findings useful for the general population. Therefore, I agree with Science for the People to a certain extent. I believe that all scientific findings should be able to be understood by the majority of people as to continue to increase the average intellect of our society, however I feel it’s important to rely on those individuals of high intellect to actually discover those scientific findings.

There is no limit as to who can study science or what they can attempt to discover; however, I believe that only those individuals with an advanced intellect shall govern the scientific findings that are truly effective in advancing our society towards the increasingly science-dependent society we are continuing to become.