I believe science should be governed by a mix of experts and society as a whole. Science is such an important topic that everyone needs to be involved. The progression of science effects society economically, politically, and socially in so many different ways. There needs to be a balance between general people and experts involved in the governance of science.

The huge problem is that often people do not try to understand science. Since the intellectual capacity for scientists is so high, many people consider science a whole different language. The terms and meanings often go over many people’s heads. Most people stop studying science after High School and therefore lack the confidence to attempt to grasp specific implications fully.

Science is too important not to be vetted by people in society. Scientists are humans also and face external pressures every day. They are not hidden from natural biases and subjective thoughts that impact their work. Throughout history, the dangers of science have been exposed. From experiments to mass destruction weapons, scientists have been put in positions to make exceedingly tough moral decisions. While science makes so many important discoveries every day and improves citizens lives, a broader community involvement could help impact many choices.

I believe a natural place to start would be involving people affected a particular subject. Involving patients or people affected with certain disorders could naturally spark conversation. For science to thrive at a peak level socially, innovatively, and morally, society needs to be involved. The public’s perspective can provide insights into the science community that can help improve everyone’s lives. Science needs to be looked at as entertainment, sports, and politics. Everyone spends much time critiquing these topics, but not science. Somehow science needs to appeal to the public in a way other issues do to make an impact.