When speaking in terms of how to “best” govern society, I think we should think holistically about what is in the best interest of democracy as a whole. This translates to a combination scientists, policy-makers, and country citizens alike  to integrate the facilitation of a democratic country that avoids authoritarian tendencies. As of now, science and technology is mandated by the government, but I believe that all policy-makers should be exhaustively informed of the science they have control of, and be made aware of the possible implications of utilizing such technologies. Otherwise, ignorance exists and with inexperience, comes error and problems.

The other side of this, is that most people will agree that the average citizen should not have access to classified scientific files that only top officials have access to. For one, there is generally no need for the average citizen to withhold this information, but the other aspect of this is the implication of the dangers of general public access to highly developed scientific information. Ill-intended people could use this to their advantage, launching warfare or biological warfare, hurting masses of people that society may never recover from. Because of this, I agree that the most qualified people (who we elect through a democratic process) should solely have access to the top levels of science. At the same time however, these people should be kept in check and facilitated to ensure they are not abusing their powers.

Science for the People is a left-wing socialist organization that emerged from the US antiwar culture during the late 60s, and they advocate for a scientific establishment that is not isolated from society, and rather one that uses science to advance social justice. I understand the desire for transparency between science and society and incorporating more social goals, but I think there are more direct issues to advocate that affect life directly. While some social issues today involve science (climate change, abortion), others do not and subsequently is not influenced so much by science and technology. As long as powers are kept in check and science is being used to benefit society as a whole, I think science should be governed by not the average citizen, but those who we elect and trust, and are informed by scientists themeselves to use it in the right manner.