During her talk in class Amy Bix brought up some interesting points about women in the engineering field. 

The history of challenges women in science, and women in general, have faced has always been something I was aware of. Truthfully, I had never thought about how much work it has taken for women to be at the point they are today. What I found to be particularly interesting in Bix’s talk was the different moments in history that allowed women to slowly integrate the field of engineering. During times of war there were not enough men to fill the engineering job so women were admitted into colleges. Being accepted into an engineering program was already a huge step for women but Bix spoke of many challenges and resistance the women had to face. I found the research part of her work to be fascinating because a lot of it is analyzing the media at the time. Journals and newspapers and advertisements painted women as “infiltrators” and “invaders” thus, despite being needed they weren’t wanted. Furthermore, Bix spoke of the unwanted and inappropriate advances made on women engineers by men in these institutions. Today, issues of sexual harassment and sexual assault are no longer tolerated through movements such as “Me Too”.  I find that Bix’s work shows how much things have changed. Despite there still being issues of inequality between men and women in the workplace and issues of sexual assault and harassment in the world today Bix’s work is a testament that things have changed. I find this to be hopeful because I often am in a state of despair when I read or watch the news because I feel as if the world is not moving forward. We are still nowhere near perfect- engineering tool kits advertised to be for women are a perfect example of the fact that we still have a lot of work to do – but I have hope that things will continue to change and we will continue to grow.