Historically science has been a field dominated by males. There is no simple explanation to this phenomenon, but the way human society has worked is that men are encouraged to pursue science while women are guided to focus on other areas of academia. On countless occasions women have made significant contributions to science, and although this trend is changing, it remains a male dominated field. 

In the past females haven’t received the same opportunities as men in fields such as physics, or engineering. Recent changes in societal ideologies have aimed to make these opportunities available for all genders. My question that arises from this conversation is what exactly are these reforms attempting to achieve? To clarify, I support this shift in demographics, but I question what the end goal of these changes are. Is it to have a near 50/50 ratio in scientific fields? Because that is a claim that I disagree with. While it is completely unfair to discourage any person to pursue an intellectual interest, I believe that, in general¬† men are more interested in certain areas of studies, one of which happens to be science.

I believe that although progress has been made, that encouraging women into fields of studies they have historically been deterred from needs to be a priority. Although there needs to be a line drawn. I think it is unreasonable to think there are no fundamental differences between genders, and if it turns out that there is a 60/40 ratio of men to women in scientific fields that should be accepted.