Since the dawn of science the field has been mostly controlled by men. Most scientists in history were males and they seem to be the most focused on when teaching others about the history of science. However, there are many female scientists that sometimes get forgotten. Marie Curie, Jane Goodall and Maria Mayer are three examples of extremely famous scientists in their respective fields but who sometimes get passed over. These three women are regarded as three of the most famous female scientists but yet some may not have heard of them. The male perspective in which we view scientific history decrease the population of women scientists within the respective fields.


In today’s society more and more women are moving into science. However, in order to increase the amount of women in science, society has to almost persuade many to join. Many people view scientists as a purely male profession, and many young girls are growing up with the same mindset. From generation to generation young kids are growing up with this perspective which deters many females from venturing into certain scientific fields. This is why society has many programs to get girls involved in science at a younger age. The perspective needs to eventually be shifted to a more neutral state where both men and women are equally eager to enter the plethora of scientific fields. Some of these fields have dominated more by males than others. Engineering is one field where there seems to be a small amount of women. When people think of engineering they think of builders/construction workers which are usually viewed as males. Society has put a stigma around being an engineer which does not adhere to many women. However, engineering is just another scientific field. It is not different from biology or chemistry, and in these fields women have already had a prominent impact, so this begs the questions as to why not engineering?