From its inception, science has been an inherently masculine field. God created the earth, “Mother Earth”, and since then,  we have challenged  Mother Earth and defaced it.  In the science community, men have consistently tried to “solve” earth’s theories. Through Amy Bix’s slide we see that women have been pushed away from science, we see that women were allowed on the grounds of technical schools just to fulfill the needs of the men who were studying engineering. Marketing schemes were predicated off of the belief that women did not have the same ability as men to grasp engineering topics. The field has become increasingly accepting as time has passed, now there are not as many barriers to enter for women. It is still not an even playing field, even if men don’t admit it, I believe that powerful men in science will ask more clarifying questions to women than they would to a man.

Ending sexism in science–in any field is not something that can be done with the snap of a finger. It has to end on an individual to individual basis. Every person is brought up differently and has their own feelings towards gender equality. I think the best way to end institutional sexism is to have a powerful voice leading the fight. A man in the science field, someone who is well established and respected has to usurp a role of leadership and convey to his fellow colleagues that this inequality must end.

The idea of sexism baffles me, I don’t understand how anyone can immediately discredit someone’s work based off of their gender. Bill Belichick of the Patriots is notorious for signing players who have had off the field issues and is often criticized for taking these players (Josh Gordon). But he does this because they can play, and people want to play for him because he’s the best coach in the league. The same can be said about the field of science. It doesn’t matter if a woman, a Hispanic, even a child writes a study–if their findings are significant they should be respected. Take politics and gender barriers out of the equation and respect their hard work.