Gender issues in science could be the underlying problem that leads to even more discrimination when it comes to race and ethnicity.
Ever since the dawn of time, a large portion of people have seen men and women as unequal. These types of people believe that men should be the only ones responsible for learning and teaching about the phenomena about science, while women take the back seat in even all forms of education. Since humans have started to make drastic leaps in the advancements of science, the divide between men and women grew even larger, only to be suppressed into equality on in our recent years of history. Not only have women made revolutionary discoveries in science, but they have also been able to refine other previously established theories. Women are a huge advantage to science because unlike most men, and speaking for myself, women have patience and are able to tweak the finest of details when it comes to experiments and their theories. Take for example the women portrayed in the film Hidden Figures. These women, all of which portrayed in the movie were black, were successful in guiding people into space. Even though they were they ridiculed for their gender and race, these women were able to do something that scientists all over the world were attempting to do, safely put people of their countries into space. The role of women in science should be equal to that of men firstly because equality is just better when it comes to the workplace, but also having view points of different types of people when it comes to race, gender, culture and everything else; it makes problem solving a lot easier. Overall, the divide of men and women in the scientific culture has greatly improved, as well as acceptance of all races and cultures, but there is still room for improvement in incorporating everyone into the wonderful world of science.