War has been apart of human history since the beginning of mankind. Nations and people fight over their ideologies and to prove that theirs are superior. War, along with our society, has evolved over time. War started off with swords and arrow. In today’s world war has now turned into machine guns and bombs. People are always trying to get the best of their opponents, they are always trying to create the new technology that will destroy their enemies. The global wars in the twentieth century really transformed this ideology and changed the way many currently view science. Wars in the twentieth century have become a cautionary tale about the devastating effects of possibly going too far in the scientific realm.

The wars in the twentieth century lead to many devastating inventions like the nuclear bomb and poisonous gas. Many scientists had little regard for human life and solely focused on advancing their inventions. Scientists wanted to break limits and build what would have been deemed impossible. These creations ended up taking millions of lives in the wake of their creation. In hindsight many argue that these creations were immorally created and should never exist. I think that these impacts were both detrimental and beneficial. From a straightforward perspective these inventions were extremely detrimental due to the shear amount of lives lost at the helm of these weapons. However, some benefits did surface through these devastating inventions. Through the bombs and gas people were finally able to realize that science can be dangerous. People realized that we should take a second to really think about what we are doing. We now take that extra second to ask, “is this the moral thing to do, to go through with this creation?”. Many in scientist fields have been impacted greatly by these wars as scientists now make sure to understand the ramification of their actions. Instead of advancing the fields of science without thinking about the after affects, people now take the time to look at the bigger picture and understand how exactly everyone will be affected.