Global wars have transformed science and technology in the United States as well as in other countries. A major scientific issue that came about specifically in the World Wars was nuclear and particle physics. This is the study of atoms and their parts. It was believed that because of the mass-energy equivalence (E=mc^2) then a bomb could be made by splitting the nucleus of an atom. This later became known as the atomic bomb. The Manhattan Project was the group working to design and build such a weapon, and they had a team of some of the smartest people in America at the time working to create this bomb. As we know from  World War II, this project was successful in creating and using this weapon of mass destruction.

When a scientist is put in charge of building such a creation, ¬†they must question more than just how to build the weapon. Once a weapon is built, then there is the obviousness that it will be used to kill hundreds and thousands of innocent people. This was the case with the atomic bomb. Albert Einstein, who first alerted the president of the idea of an atomic bomb, later came to regret his decision when he witnessed the destruction and devastation it caused to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Although this was a destructive and deadly project, the principles underlying the A-bomb’s creation helped to swiftly progress the field of physics and chemistry. Giant leaps were made in the study of quantum mechanics and particle physics, and these findings were due in large part to the need for knowledge and weaponry during the global wars.

Along with the wars there was also a space race across many nations, including the United States and Russia. Previously, Russia had been able to send the first man into space in a low-Earth orbit around the planet. This made a Russian the first man into space. The United States were not out of the race, however, and they saw the moon as the big end-goal to determine which country was truly at the top of the technological pyramid. When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon in 1969 it solidified the USA’s title of having the first men on the moon. During this time period, major government funding was being pumped into science and technology, as well as NASA and the space program. Since these global wars funding for these areas has been diminishing, however organizations such as NASA have been continuing their space exploration, and there have been major findings even since these wars which proves that science and technology are still thriving in the United States and across the globe.