The several wars that had happened during the 20th century greatly impacted the way science and technology evolved and progressed. WWI proved to show that countries who lacked scienctific and technological progression faced more troubles and struggles than those who had better resources. The 20th century proved to have the most intense and horrible wars to go on. All nations at war were always trying to one up the other, be better on all accounts than the other nation such as; strategy, weaponry and straight up man power to conquer the other side.At the end of the 20th century many national leaders noticed a chnage in the science and technology and saw the impact and influence it had on the outcome of the wars.

World War II also proved to show the importance of science and technology. Many scientists from all nations were very influential in the way everyone fought each other. All nations were trying to be better than everyone else, so using there top scientists, they believed they had an upper hand on the other nations. Albert Einsteins hand in creating the atomic bomb is just one of many ways in which scientsits have inluenced change in science and technology in war. The Manhattan progject is one example of the expansive nature of the scientific and technological advancements in war. After the U.S got news that their enemies had been creating nuclear weapons, they also wanted to start creating something ┬áthat held that much power. When Japan, Nagasaki and Hiroshima were bombed, the amount of power that they both had suggests the immense amount of power, leaving the people of Nagasaki/Hiroshima Japan in devestation and loss. As the U.S came up with victory, it wasn’t much of a victory in that the consequences of the bombs on Japan were so severe, killing not only Japanese soldiers but also killing many many Japanese civillians. In reaction to the deaths in Japan, Einstein went on to say how much regret he had in helping create the bombs. Though science and technology proved to have a good impact on wars during the 20th century regarding the evolvment of resources and weapons, it also created millions of devestation all around the world.