Following WWI, it was evident that countries with less resources, men, and factories had to be more efficient if they were to have a chance in later wars. WWI was fought in the trenches, leading to far too many unwarranted casualties. It is devastating to think about, but men and women quite literally ran into open battlefields knowing they were going to die. Although there are still men filled with valor who are considered “infantry”, they are not being put into the same position that those brave soldiers 100 years ago were. Following WWI, countries wanted to prepare themselves for another World War. However, this time there was more of emphasis placed on weaponry research and chemical warfare than there was on physical training. ┬áThe “Space Race” during the Cold War occurred on a more catastrophic scale following WWI. Instead of trying to pluck your nation’s flag on the moon, scientists were trying to formulate the be-all, end-all weapon for their side. Whoever succeeded first would ultimately win the next war.

Albert Einstein’s biggest regret is having a hand in creating the atom bomb. He realized what he had done after he saw the destruction it had caused in Hiroshima and said, “I do not know what weapons will be used in WW3, but WW4 will be fought using sticks and stones.” That’s a powerful statement and it shows that he truly regrets creating the atom bomb. This is an example of scientific innovation that has not benefitted society. Up until now we have really only discussed positive impacts in the scientific community. The atom bomb and this “race” to have the best weaponry breaks ethical codes. I don’t think a bomb more destructive than the atom bomb could be created in our day and age. Someone would have to jump in and stop that cultivation. If it were to enter the wrong hands, someone like Hitler, we may actually be fighting WW4 with stones. Some scientists working under Hitler had no choice, while other were evil and enjoyed what they were doing. Nowadays, it would be impossible for something like the Holocaust to happen again, there are too many things to stop it. The UN, the US, anyone would be able to stop this from happening. Ethics in science are something that should not be taken lightly as science has the power to take away humanity as we know it.