Throughout the twentieth-century technological advances have changed warfare and the dynamics of war. To stay ahead of other countries, the United States puts a strong emphasis on the development of technological weapons. The advancement of technology and warfare impacts war, but many people wonder if the progress of warfare in global wars positively impact the world. In this post, I will examine the technological advancement in World War One to explore if the improvements were beneficial or detrimental.

World War One popularized the use of the machine gun and landmines in a way that the world did not see before. Before WWI, movement across the open land was the norm. After the introduction of the machine gun, the move across the open area was a lot more dangerous, and this sparked trench warfare. Also, the British introduced tanks in WWI and this caused for a more powerful approach to land attacks. Chemical gasses were introduced which caused the mass killing of opponents in trenches. These gas attacks were seen as deadly approaches to war and a form of scientific torture at the time. Sea and Air long-distance strikes also became more accurate during WWI. All of these technological advancements caused WWI to be a long war because traditional strategies to battle were challenged. All of the countries were not able to adapt to the technology creating a war in which the winner was the country who could survive the longest.

The advancement of technology in WWI created a shift toward the mass killing ability in Wars. Machine guns could kill rows of soldiers at once, and gas attacks could kill hundreds of soldiers. The advancement of this technology must be seen as negative. The effects of the death tolls from WWI were felt across the globe. Millions had been killed, gassed, maimed, or starved. The shift to modern warfare negatively changed civilization due to the constant worries that war can seriously change the dynamics of everyday life in a given country. The chemical warfare in WWI set the stage for the Atomic Bomb race seen in WWII.