There have been times in the history of science where scientists where hesitant to come forward with their findings. After Albert Einstein helped create the Atom bomb that effectively decided WWII, he was quoted saying that he wish he had never had a hand in causing that much destruction. Although this was a massive breakthrough in science, it was overshadowed by the ethical dilemma that it had caused. It opened the gates for other scientists to emulate this weapon of mass destruction and potentially allow it to enter the hands of the wrong group or country. Charles Darwin went through a similar experience with his work regarding evolution. In the excerpt from a Darwin documentary that we watched in class, Darwin had a similar moment of regret when talking with his colleagues. He realized that he was going against the Christian belief that God created man in his image. In order to continue to advance scientific theories, people have to be daring. Comfort zones must be forgotten, criticism comes with the responsibility, and if you cannot handle that, pass the responsibility to someone else who could. Darwin pushing forward with his theory was yet another example of why Christianity and Science should be separated.

It is surprising that Darwin was the first man who had the intellectual curiosity to think about the patterns of humanity. It’s easy to say that other scientists must have had similar ideas regarding natural selection before Darwin because his theory makes so much sense. Different birds have different beaks to adapt to their environment, yes, this makes perfect sense. But, it’s easy to say that now because I have been exposed to this idea and accept it as fact– maybe the stern faith in God’s word deterred other scientists from even exploring this realm. The overwhelming majority of the UK at this time were devout Catholics. In addition to this, the heads of the Catholic Church had a more prominent role than they currently. Releasing a doctrine denouncing the word of God could have been something that put Charles Darwin out of a job. This is not something that a scientist who is quite literally trying to explain the human race should have to deal with. There’s enough time devoted to research and testing, never mind the added stress from worrying about public opinion.