Topic: Digital Technology’s impact on personal well-being

Critical Question: Will the advancement of digital technology and a continual expanding virtual environment create a reduction in personal well-being?

Thesis: The advancement of digital technology can dangerously harm the personal well-being of humans going forward if there is not a focus on creating solutions to problems that will arise.

For my research project, I want to look at the effects digital technology has on personal well-being and what this means for the future. This paper will start by examining the possible effects digital technology can have on human’s well-being. In today’s world society is constantly learning about the negative side effects technology can have on a person’s mental and physical health. As digital technology advances, society has become more effectuated with digital technology. For example, Social Media increasingly is a part of more and more people’s lives. The constant attention toward social media creates people to live in a more virtual world. More and more friendships are focused online, and people miss out on human interaction. A key aspect of a person’s mental health is social interaction. In a world where social interaction is constantly being diminished, the negative effects of digital technology are very apparent. On top of a social interaction, there are problems with addiction, security, and duress that can impact a person’s well-being. In this paper, I hope to look at the dangers these issues will have on the mental and physical health of people. Once the issues are established, I will then explore potential remedies as digital technology advances into the future.

General Outline

Introduction- My introduction will lay out the background knowledge of digital technology and the basis of my paper. My thoughts will lay out the main talking points and capture an effort to develop my thesis on how digital technology can harm the personal well-being of people.

Body Paragraph One- This paragraph will build on my thesis and look at how digital technology affects social interaction in a negative way. Once the negative effects are established I will tie the paragraph together by showing how negative social interaction can affect a person’s health and well-being.

Body Paragraph Two- The second body paragraph will further look into the negative impacts of digital technology but look at this in terms of addiction. Addiction to social media and other forms of digital technology greatly increase a reliance on a virtual world. As a person becomes more addicted to digital technology, there is a correlation to a diminishing well-being.

Body Paragraph Three- This paragraph will look at the security effects of digital technology. In terms of job security and the ability to get hacked for important information, digital technology advancement can be detrimental to a person’s security on many levels.

Body Paragraphs 4-6: These paragraphs will explore possible solutions to the issues that are prevalent with digital security . Over time the problems that digital technology create must be addressed. I will attempt to search for logical steps to help preserve the well-being of humans in a way that can coexist with technological advancement.

Conclusion- Create a closing paragraph that ties together my thoughts and understanding of how digital technology negatively impacts a person’s health on many levels.


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