World War II drastically changed the use of science and technology in order to create weapons of mass destruction, a term originally coined during this time period in reference to nuclear bombings with chemical explosives.

Political tensions between countries, exacerbated by the assassination of the Austrian Archduke and the formation of allies, all led to the deadliest global war in history.

However, these strained relations between the countries were not a concept; war has been in existence since the beginning of time, dating hundreds of centuries ago. It was the advent of new technologies developed by furthering scientific advances that augmented the devastating effects of the world war.

It is natural that as time moves forward, science and technology move along with it. We see this relationship between time and technology when we look in the past and present; Technology generally develops in a fashion that makes our lives more efficient, convenient, and pleasurable,

In the mid-twentieth century however, we see an astronomical shift in the level at which science and technology are utilized in a war effort. American scientists in the Manhattan Project, along with the support of the UK and Canada, reached new heights in the world of science, where the first nuclear weapons were created. The natural laws of chemistry were tampered by man to create such a weapon of mass destruction.

The atomic bombings in Japan during the Truman Administration were historical proof of the devastating effects of nuclear warfare. The two bombings combined killed at least 129,000 people, and affected millions of Japanese lives for generations to come.

It is true that Japan had their own conflicts with the United States with their bombings at Pearl Harbor, which also resulted in casualties. However, the two events in my opinion are incomparable in terms of damage. The chemicals and radiation from the atomic bombings caused biological mutations and subsequent cancer to thousands of by-standing Japanese citizens.

This leads me to believe that these nuclear weapons along with biological warfare created from extreme forms of science and technology absolutely do more harm than good. The existence of nuclear weapons today create further tensions between countries such as North Korea and the Middle East, and it is alarming to think that any President in the White House has the power in his or her fingers to launch nuclear weapons in any part of the world within minutes–– a power in which the average citizen has absolutely no control over.

In a historical and logical context and aspect, I believe there are valid arguments on both sides in terms of having or developing nuclear weapon technologies. From my moral standpoint, I believe it is inhumane to ever use such a weapon against other living beings. To me, a natural order of the world is disrupted to a catastrophic manner, one that cannot be sustained by the Earth we live on if we see more use of these technologies in the future.