Research Propsal: I would like to understand more about the history and evolution behind technology and science used in the medical field primarily in hospitals. I would like to research how the technological advances in machines and medicines have improved or increased the value or care and help that the hospitals provide. How has U.S hospitals evolved in comparison to other 3rd world countries? What is the impact of the advancements in science and technology within a hospital? What could future advancements look like?

Learning a few things from my mom who is a Cardiothoracic ICU nurse, I can say that there are several mechanical machines, tubes, screens, and numbers that need to be monitered by someone at all times. The patients in her unit are there months at a time; usually connected to many machines as they are what keeps them alive, acting as an artificial heart. KNowing that much I can assume the amount of technological advances just within the past 50 years has been life changing. People today with the health issues they have now, would not get the same treatment if they were taken care of back then. In society as a whole, science and technology evolve and advance just like in the hospital. It also seem that hospitals have to evolve and advance a great speeds in order to keep up with more developing diseases, cancer, and other new medical phenomena.

In my research I would like to talk about the history and evolvement of medical sciences and technology and how it has evolved over the past 50-100 years. I would also like to talk about the pace of the advancements in the technology and ask if it is enough to work with the current issues at hand, considering the severity of most health issues. Will there ever be a time in the future were the science and technology in hospitals can’t keep with the pace of new evolving diseases and cancer that there will be no impact? I plan to talk about many of the points I reached on in this breif proposal, as well a few more questions.